Diablo 3 Secret Whimsyshire Level Guide: Black Mushroom, Act I

If the pony level was not a indication to an old tale of Blizzard made in answer to community’s grimace that the game was “too shiny and WoW-like”, I would imagine this was a pixelized illustration of what the developers did. After all, one does not simply comprise a secret pony level or design a fast/molten/fire chain/waller monsters.

The black mushroom is commonly the most found in rooms in the first level of the cathedral (though unusual reports specify that it might appear on lower levels as well) or – just buzz – around Adria’s hut and is of the easier to achieve ingredients. Though it’s an unusual drop as every other piece, the places where it generates are smaller and easily explorable. Just pay secure attention to the terrain and watch for a clickable mushroom pack and that’s it.

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