Dragon Nest SEA: Acrobat Guide

This is a guide for the Archer Class in Dragon Nest. The Acrobat is a nimble fighter that makes use of her combo and is very agile. Her damage is based on physical attack, but she also has magic attack skills at her disposal when kick skills are on cooldown. Primarily, she uses kick skills in close combat that make her a formidable opponent in PVP and a pretty hard target to hit. PVE wise, she can be very dangerous to mobs in bundles or very close to each other.

Archer Skill Tree:

Twin Shot

  • Shoots a pair of arrows
  • Can reach 3m further the regular attacks
  • Effective on knocked down enemies

Piercing Shot

  • Fires a quick arrow that pierces enemies

Tumble/Power Tumble

  • Allows you to evade all attacks for a short time
  • Power Tumble allows you to evade even when paralyzed

Magic Arrow

  • Fires a magical arrow that creates a small explosion on contact

Mental Fortitude/Health Bolster

  • Increases max HP and MP

Attuned Mind

  • Increases MP Recovery

Acrobat Skill Tree:

Kick Shot

  • Kicks enemies into the air before hitting them with arrows

Eagle Dive

  • Smashes down on an enemy from the air
  • Also activates when using a regular attack after an aerial regular attack or after
  • Must be airborne


  • Fires a stringed arrow in a frontal cone and pulls enemies caught in the string

Spiritual Focus

  • Increase AGI and Int

Blooming Kick

  • Performs a roundhouse kick
  • Knocks down enemies

Chain Tumble

  • Allow you to dodge even further

Ring Shot

  • Jumps into the air to shoot a barrage of arrows in a circle around you
  • Enemies hit get knocked back

Furious Winds

  • Call upon a powerful vortex of wind to perform consecutive attacks on enemies
  • Enemies need to be within range

Spirit Boost

  • Increase movement speed and attacks speeds

Cyclone Kick

  • After pushing an enemy with a powerful kick, dashes after the enemy and attacks with multiple kicks

Nature’s Rage

  • Charge forward, dealing a fury of attacks
  • Take less damage during this skill

Heraldry Plates:


  • Cyclone Kick – damage increase
  • Chain Tumble – cooldown reduction
  • Spiral Vortex – action speed increase
  • Eagle Dive – damage increase
  • Twin Shot – damage increase
  • Spiral Edge – cooldown reduction
  • Double Somersault Kick – damage increase


  • Fatal
  • Destruction
  • Life
  • Wind
  • Energy
  • Final Attack (optional)
  • Vitality
  • Undaunting

Equipment Suffix:


  • Primary Weapon (preferably short bow) – Wind
  • Secondary Weapon – Destructive


  • Headgear – Wind
  • Upper Body – Wind
  • Lower Body – Wind
  • Gloves – Wind
  • Boots – Wind

Here is a sample gameplay of the Acrobat in Dragon Nest:

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