Dragon Nest SEA: Engineer Guide

This is a guide for the new upcoming class coming to the world of Lagendia, the Academic. This build is primarily meant for PvE (Player versus Enemies), or rather, play a support role in nests. Most skills in this build are for AoE (Area of effect) which is very useful at times of nests or just simply going through dungeons. Get AGI for damage (0.5 Patk / AGI, 0.25 Patk / STR). Equip yourself with a Cannon as most Engineer’s skills rely on it. The Bubble Gun is meant for Alchemist which is the magic branch or job of the Academic.

Academic Skill Tree:

Quick Shot

  • Only 4.5 seconds cooldown
  • Superb range
  • Best DPS skill
  • Spammable skill from afar without getting hit

*Shoot ground instead of your targets. Smaller units might not take 2 hits per shot if you’re not aiming the ground.

Air Shot

  • Used to break shield or launch smaller targets into the air.


  • Damages enemies and knock enemies back a bit.

*Aim slightly in front of the target to get full hits.

Stun Grenade

  • Deals full damage in 1 hit
  • 10 seconds cooldown
  • Moderate AoE
  • 70% to stun minor targets


  • Increase 37% movement speed
  • 10% chance to make your enemy slip at level 1

Force Out

  • PVP Skill
  • Pushes enemies away

Summon Alfredo/Recall Alfredo

  • Summons Faithful Robot – Alfredo
  • Afredo will have 400% of your max HP at level 2

*Recall Alfredo can save you from various dangers

Additional Note: Alfredo can be buffed by both ally and enemy. Mecha Ducks and Towers are also affected.

Bubble Bubble

  • Absorb 8540 damage at level 14
  • This skill will protect you from 1 huge damage before bubble burst.

Tumble/Aerial Evasion

  • Evasion skills

Mega Hammer/Air Boom

  • Good for knocking back targets

Circle Bomb

  • Creates an explosion around you
  • Lets you stand up immediately

Physical Mastery/Mental Mastery/Mental Training

  • Get Mental Training for MP Regeneration

Vending Machine

  • Vends random foods out of the machine

Engineer Skill Tree:

Rocket Jump

  • Good for dodging attacks or launch yourself to a direction quickly

Fake Bomb

  • Good for knocking back targets pursuing you

Gravity Grenade

  • Higher DPS than Stun Grenade

Ping Pong Bomb

  • Jump up to 8x if there are more monster in range
  • Each remainder jump count adds 15% damage to the final hit

Mine Thrower

  • This skill when come in handy if you don’t have Alfredo on field, you can’t summon Alfredo at certain occasions
  • On par with Alfredo Whirlwind

Chemical Missle

  • Reduce elemental defense by 15%
  • Critical resist by 50% for 20 seconds
  • This skill is useful for clearing large groups of mobs

Alfredo Stomp

  • Unlike Paladin’s provoke, you can’t keep a boss from facing Alfredo only if you keep on attacking

Alfredo Berserker

  • Get this skill as a prerequisite.

Damage Transition

  • Absorb 48% damage from party members (within buff range) for 35 seconds
  • Getting an A-grade reduce 12% cooldown plate will allow you to have 48% damage reduction every 44 seconds

Alfredo Whirlwind

  • The damage is promising but Alfredo can’t utilize this skill at Bishop Nest and Sea Dragon Nest due to various restrictions

Gatling Tower

  • Chaos: Best DPS skill in the game

*You can only summon 3 towers regardless of type

Cannon Tower

  • Level up to 3 as a prerequisite

*You can only summon 3 towers regardless of type

Ice Pump Tower

  • Tower that can slow enemies
  • Level up to 3 as a prerequisite

*You can only summon up to 3 towers regardless of type

Mecha Duck

  • Summons ducks that can perform great skills
  • Walk 1 second and rest 3 seconds

*Ducks will not respond to you immediately. They will sit and watch for approximately 5 seconds before they start attacking and perform skills.

Mecha Shock

  • Huge amount of damage if you have all 3 ducks near your target casting this skill.

Mecha Siren

  • Silence target for 5 seconds and remove 2 buffs
  • Level up to 3 as a prerequisite

Mecha Bomber

  • This skill coupled with Damage Transition will make you the best support in game.
  • Reduce 40% of target’s attack for 18 seconds
  • Get -12% cooldown reduction plate and you can cast this every 22 seconds

*This skill does not stack with Taunting Howl/Devastating Howl

*Your duck needs approximately 10 seconds to respond if you have just summoned it out

Flash Grenade

  • Knock back enemies


  • Kills monsters in a blink of an eye
  • However, 7.5 seconds of immobilization in nests proves to be dangerous
  • Canceling Demolition Stance requires 1 second


  • Throws a beacon in front and summon suicidal ducks
  • The beacon, unlike grenades, will not explode upon contact
  • Throw the beacon without worrying about monsters blocking the beacon from landing at the wrong place

Heraldry Plates


Main Choices:

  • Mecha Bomber (-12% CD)
  • Damage Transition (-12% CD)
  • Ice Pump Tower (-12% CD)

Optional Choices

  • Quick Shot (+20% Damage)
  • Ping Pong Bomb (+20% Damage)
  • Gatling Tower (-12% CD)


Main Choices

  • Physical Attack
  • Critical
  • Agility
  • Health
  • Vitality

Optional Choices

  • Final Damage
  • MP Regen
  • Iron Wall
  • Curtain
  • Impregnable

Equipment Suffix


  • Helm
  • Shirt
  • Pants
  • Main Weapon


  • Gloves
  • Boots
  • Main Weapon


  • Sub-weapon

Spell Power

  • Sub-weapon

Here is a sample gameplay for the Academic in Dragon Nest:

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