Dragon Nest SEA: Force User Guide

This a guide for the Sorceress Class in Dragon Nest. Using Light, Dark and Time as her arsenals, the Force User is formidable in either PVE or PVP. Whether be it for support, dps(damage per second) or crowd control, the Force User can utilize her skill for any occasion that calls forth.

Sorceress Skill Tree:

Glacial Spike

  • Shoots an icy spike
  • Has a chance to freeze enemies

Toxic Spray

  • Sprays a toxic liquid that ignites enemies
  • Poison enemies
  • Effective on knocked down enemies

Void Blast

  • Gathers and condenses magical energy into a powerful explosion


  • Allows to evade all attacks for a short time

Power Blink

  • Allows to evade all attacks for a short time
  • Able to escape even when paralyzed

Shock Wave

  • Uses magical force
  • Push away nearby enemies

Aerial Evasion

  • Allows to land on feet when hit in the air

Mental Fortitude/Health Bolster

  • Increases maximum HP and MP

Force User Skill Tree:

Gravity Blast

  • Shoots an orb of gravity that pierces enemies
  • Deals Damage
  • Dark Magic

Triple Orbs

  • Summons three void orbs that deal massive damage
  • Dark Magic

Force Shield

  • Surrounds with a shield that occasionally absorbs incoming damage
  • Increase Magic Damage while the shield is active

Black hole

  • A black hole forms 7m in front
  • Sucks nearby targets

Time Stop

  • Stops time in the area
  • Forces nearby enemies to stop moving

Nine Tail Laser

  • Shoots 9 lasers that fly over to the target that is 4m away

Summon Comet

  • A dimensional portal opens
  • Summons forth a powerful comet

Time Dodge

  • Stops time when being attacked
  • Press the regular attack button to activate

Gravity Crush

  • Crushes enemies in range with a powerful force gravity
  • Affects movement as well

Spectrum Ray

  • Calls forth a laser orb overhead that shoots laser at enemies

Meteor Storm

  • Open a dimensional portal to summon a storm of meteors
  • Summons a protective sphere that protects you from taking damage from enemies

Heraldry Plates:


  • Gravity Ball – 20% damage
  • Triple Orbs – 20% damage
  • Timestop/Teleport – CD or damage
  • Poison Missile – 20% damage


  • Magician – Magic Damage
  • Wise – Int
  • Fatal – Crit
  • Wind – Agi
  • Life Vitality – max HP
  • Vitality – Vit
  • Shining Plate – Physical Def
  • Ultimate Plate – Final Damage

Equipment Suffix:


  • Staff – Intellect
  • Book, Grimoire, Orb – Intellect


  • Headgear: Tent
  • Upper Body: Intellect
  • Lower Body: Intellect
  • Gloves: Iron Wall
  • Boots: Iron Wall

Here is a sample gameplay of the Force User in Dragon Nest:

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