Dragon Nest SEA: Ice Elemental Lord Guide

This is a guide for the Sorceress class in Dragon Nest. Considered to be a high dealing damage character class that packs a punch. The Elemental Lord has two innate elements which are the fire and ice where the damage increases as Magic Attack increases. In PVP, the Elemental Lord is very formidable because of her spells that not only damages but also applies debuffs like slow with ice and burn with fire. Dealing with mobs or PVE is easy pickings for the Elemental Lord with her vast array of AoE(area of effect) spells.

Sorceress Skill Tree:

Glacial Spike

  • Shoots an icy spike
  • Has a chance to freeze enemies

Toxic Spray

  • Sprays a toxic liquid that ignites enemies
  • Poison enemies
  • Effective on knocked down enemies

Void Blast

  • Gathers and condenses magical energy into a powerful explosion


  • Allows to evade all attacks for a short time

Power Blink

  • Allows to evade all attacks for a short time
  • Able to escape even when paralyzed

Shock Wave

  • Uses magical force
  • Push away nearby enemies

Aerial Evasion

  • Allows to land on feet when hit in the air

Mental Fortitude/Health Bolster

  • Increases maximum HP and MP

Elemental Lord Skill Tree:

Icy Shards

  • Summon columns of ice that launch nearby enemies
  • Decreases enemy movement speed and ice resist


  • Summons a fiery inferno
  • Has a chance burn enemies

Ice Cold Field

  • Transforms the spot in front into a treacherous field of ice
  • Decreases enemy movement speed and ice resist when caught in the field of ice

Glacial Freeze

  • Instantly freezes nearby enemies

Frozen Spikes

  • Summons ice spikes that damage nearby enemies
  • Decreases enemy movement and ice resist


  • Shatters frozen/frostbitten enemies
  • Decreases enemy movement speed

Ice Shield

  • A protective shield of ice surrounds you
  • Occasionally freezes attacking enemies

Chilling Mist

  • Summons a cloud of mist
  • Decreases movement speed and ice resist of all enemies caught


  • Unleashes a devastating blizzard
  • Has a chance to freeze enemies

Heraldry Plates:


  • Ice Shield – reduce cooldown
  • Freezing Sword – increase damage
  • Chill Mist – increase damage


  • Magician – Magic Damage
  • Wise – Int
  • Fatal – Crit
  • Wind – Agi
  • Life Vitality – max HP
  • Vitality – Vit
  • Shining Plate – Physical Def
  • Ultimate Plate – Final Damage

Equipment Suffix:


  • Staff – Intellect
  • Book, Grimoire, Orb – Intellect


  • Headgear: Tent
  • Upper Body: Intellect
  • Lower Body: Intellect
  • Gloves: Iron Wall
  • Boots: Iron Wall

Here is a sample gameplay of the Elemental Lord in Dragon Nest:

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