Dragon Nest SEA: Mercenary Guide

This guide is for the Warrior class in Dragon Nest. The build for the Warrior class aiming for Mercenary can both be for PVE or PVP. One good advantage of the Mercenary is that all skills are based on his physical attack and not on magic. One downside to the Mercenary, although he has many spammable skills, has a small amount of SP at his disposal. One good advice if your aiming to become a Mercenary would be save high-end skills and using them for sure mob kills. Switch from offensive to defensive skills from time to time to increase probability of survival.

Warriro Skill Tree:

Impact Punch/Heavy Slash

  • Both of these skills are your primary damage skills when still in warrior class
  • Low cooldown and Mana cost make them your skill to get

Rising Slash

  • Get this to support your two damage skills if either or both are in cooldown


  • Self explanatory
  • This is very useful when in times where you are surrounded or plain and simply dodging attack

Mental Mastery/Physical Mastery

  • Level these up to 3 to get an additional bonus for your HP and MP


  • Removes 2 debuffs instantly

Mental Training

  • Regenerates your MP

Mercenary Skill Tree:


  • AoE (area of effect) damage
  • Useful when surrounded by enemies
  • Slows surrounding enemies for 8 seconds

Flying Swing

  • High end damage dealing skill
  • Hits enemies upwards upon hitting

Demolition Fist

  • rush forward and give a front fist

Punishing Swing

  • throws a ball of explosives that detonates upon hitting the enemies
  • fairly strong range


  • damage from enemies is reduced

Circle Swing

  • takes two steps and leaps forward and hits nearby enemies
  • effective when surrounded by enemies

Circle Bomber

  • hit the ground and emit shock waves to front
  • enemies at front may still be hit by this skill even if animation is far from the intended target


  • Revolve around enemies with the help of centrifugal force to launch multiple attacks
  • good for surrounding enemies

Battle Howl

  • Pass strong vigor to teammates
  • Increases the receiver’s physical attack, odds of critical strike and stun

Rolling Attack

  • High damage dealing skill of the mercenary
  • jump to the sky and then assault downwards the ground forcefully to unleash shock waves to attack nearby enemies

Iron Skin

  • Enter the state of super armor
  • Cannot be stunned, paralyzed or other debuffs

Devastating Howl

  • Utter a roar to the front
  • The enemy that is attacked will fall into the faint state

Panic Howl

  • The receiver’s super armor and physical defense will increase

Axe Tornado

  • EX skill for Mercenary
  • deals a large amount of damage
  • Enemies caught in the skill will spin furiously together with the skill

Heraldry Plates:


  • Devitalizing Plate – duration
  • Flying Swing Plate – damage
  • Whirlwind Plate – damage
  • Battle Howl – duration
  • Iron Skin Plate/Charging Howl Plate


  • Bear
  • Life Vitality
  • Shining
  • Destruction
  • Tent
  • Impact
  • Undaunting

Equiment Suffix:


  • Hammer or Axe: Bear
  • Gauntlet: Iron Wall


  • Headgear: Tent
  • Upper Body: Iron Wall
  • Lower Body: Tent
  • Gloves: Tent
  • Boots: Tent

Here is a sample gameplay for the Mercenary in Dragon Nest:

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