Skyrim: Rogue Guide


Race: Argonian

Class: Rogue/Thief


Statistic Focus: Health 40% / Magicka 40% / Stamina 20%

Primary Skills: Sneak, Illusion

Secondary Skills: Archery, One-Handed

Stone Ability: Serpent Stone

Essential Perks: Stealth Illusion Rank Perks Illusion Dual Casting Quiet Casting Overdraw Armsman Weapons: Spells, Bow and Arrows, One-Handed Weapon for backup.

Armor: Light Armor, ideally with enchantments to improve your Magicka or Magicka Regen.

Follower: Seek out a stealthy archer like Jenassa or Faendal.

Archetype Advice:

As an Argonian Rogue, your natural abilities skills provide a solid foundation for a stealthy character, though your magic skills will take a little more time to build up. The Rogue is a hybrid mage-thief. Less narrowly focused than most of the other archetypes, it offers a great deal of versatility, and is a fun choice if you enjoy toying with your enemies instead of assaulting them directly.

When you spot a foe, drop into a stealthy crouch and creep closer to assess the situation. You have a range of options at your disposal:

  • Cast Invisibility and Muffle and sneak past your foes undetected.
  • Cast Frenzy or Fear to disrupt and disorient them.
  • Fire a well-placed arrow to catch a foe’s attention and lure them into a trap.
  • Snipe a foe from range, starting combat with a devastating sneak attack.
  • Creep closer and backstab for maximum damage.
  • Once combat begins, don’t hesitate to attack with bow or blade.If you want to take on a foe directly, draw a second weapon to deal even more damage.

If you feel yourself getting overwhelmed, pull out an ace:

  • Cast Fear to send your enemies running, then pelt them with arrows as they flee.
  • Cast Calm to stop combat for a moment, giving yourself time to quaff a potion or make a tactical retreat.
  • Call on the Serpent Stone’s Power to paralyze a foe and take them out of the fight completely. This gives you time to heal, deal with other enemies, or slaughter the now-helpless foe at your leisure.

Your Histskin Power is an amazing racial ability, capable of pulling you back from the brink of death. Give it a few seconds to do its work, then wade back into the thick of combat.

With such a wide array of tactics at your disposal, you can find a solution to any challenge. Focus on the core improvement perks for each skill (Stealth, Illusion Ranks, Armsman, and Overdraw) to make sure each tactic remains viable, then branch out depending on what seems most useful to you.

If you have any perks left over, explore Lockpicking and Pickpocket to take advantage of your racial skill bonuses and complete your stealthy arsenal.

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