Skyrim: Spellsword Guide

Race: Dark Elf

Class: Spellsword

Gender: Female

Statistic Focus: Health 40% / Magicka 30% / Stamina 30%

Primary Skills: One-Handed, Destruction

Secondary Skills: Light Armor, Illusion

Stone Ability: Lover Stone

Essential Perks: Armsman Fighting Stance Destruction Rank Perks Augmented Flames, Frost, or Shock Impact Agile Defender

Weapons: One-Handed Weapon and Spell


  • Light Armor for speed and mobility.
  • For best results, look for enchanted armor that increases your maximum Magicka or Magicka regeneration rate.


  • If you want a friend to absorb damage, find a warrior like Lydia or Vorstag.
  • For a more ranged support, take Jenassa or Marcurio.

Archetype Advice:

  • As a Dark Elf Spellsword, you may have to work a little harder to increase your One-Handed Skill (which doesn’t start with a bonus), but your other Skills are an excellent fit.
  • A Spellsword is all about flexibility, switching between weapons and spells as the situation demands, aggressively creating and exploiting enemy weaknesses.
  • Use Destruction spells to soften up foes from a distance before they can close to melee range. Hit weaker enemies with fire spells to quickly cut down their health, use frost on stronger foes to slow their approach, and target mages with shock spells. In melee combat, your best defense is a good offense.
  • Early on, spray Flames or Sparks with one hand while you hack away with your weapon; you’ll be surprised at how quickly your enemies fall.
  • As time goes on, staggering foes becomes increasingly important. Take Fighting Stance (which allows you to Power Attack more frequently) and Impact (to allow your spells to stagger enemies as well).
  • Use your Ancestor’s Wrath Racial Power to inflict even more damage in close combat. At later levels, Destruction’s line of Cloak spells is more powerful, but Ancestor’s Wrath may still be useful if you need to conserve Magicka.
  • Although most of your attention will be on offense, learn a Ward spell for better protection when fighting Mages, or a “Flesh” spell (Oakflesh, Ironflesh, etc.) for an armor boost against hard-hitting warriors. Both will supplement your defenses without slowing you down.
  • Try to balance your One-Handed and Destruction skills. If either falls too far behind, you may not be able to rely on it when you need it most.
  • Don’t neglect Light Armor Perks, either. Without a shield or the ability to block, you’re reliant on your armor and spells for protection.
  • Illusion spells like Fear and Frenzy are helpful at disrupting large groups of foes, allowing you to concentrate on each enemy in turn without becoming overwhelmed.
  • Since your skills are so wide-ranging, the Lovers Stone is a good choice to help all of them advance quickly. If you notice any of them starting to fall behind, switch to a more specific stone (Warrior, Mage, or Thief) to balance them out again.

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